40% of the way to the Goal! An $80,000 Challenge Fund still doubling the impact of all donations! Let’s get this trail completed!

This virus is not going to keep Phelps and Conover from having a completed biking and walking trail!

Over 50 people and organizations have contributed to the Homestretch Campaign so far. Donations are matched dollar for dollar, and the campaign has brought in over $80,000 so far, almost halfway to our $200,000 goal.

Add your donation now!

Now is a crucial time. Your donation will be matched and the last segment of trail bid out for construction if we reach our goal by Sept. 30.

That way, next summer as we get beyond COVID-19, a newly completed 10.6 bike trail will connect Phelps and Conover.

Add your donation now! Keep us moving toward our important goal – and get your donation matched dollar for dollar!

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  1. Casey Mangan on August 24, 2020 at 3:23 pm


    Great progress toward our goal of raising $200,000 to fund completion of the Trail next summer into downtown Phelps in Lakefront Pines Park on the shores of North Twin. My wife and I rode the Trail last week from Song Hill Road toward Conover and it’s in great shape. Very comfortable ride, and fantastic scenic beauty. Let’s complete the Trail to make it easier for riders to start from or complete their ride into Phelps!

    Casey Mangan

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