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Conover-Phelps Trail completion coming up this summer!

Completing the trail successfully means handling wrap-up costs and establishing a Support and Enhancement Fund so the trail gets better and better every year.

Download a donation form to meet those goals. Or donate online by clicking on the green button below!

See a recent version of the Yard & Mile Club list, over 500 people whose donations by last summer helped bring the trail near to completion. The updated, final list will be developed in midsummer this year.

Park plans posted in Phelps
Plans posted in Phelps' Lakefront Pines Park show where the trail comes through almost to the lake!

One trail completed, three more to go!

TRAIL SYSTEM Wayside river1

With the Conover-Phelps Trail close to completion, our next step is to build up funds for further trail development. If you can help, download a donation form. Or donate online!

We're working with the River Trail Commission to develop a trail which will add 10 miles to the 55-mile Heart of Vilas Trail and connects Eagle River and St. Germain. We've gotten a good start, working with key stakeholders and getting a professional feasibility study done. Click here for more details.

Additional Ways to Help

DONATE menu - boat donation

We no longer used our boat and thought why not donate the boat to a worthy cause. We believe in bike trail development in Vilas County. As a result, we thought what better organization to donate it to than the Great Headwaters Trails Foundation. We felt it was a win-win for everyone.
— Al and Sue, Presque Isle, WI

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Great Headwaters Trails gladly accepts gifts of stock and multi-year pledges. Contact us at 715-617-0080 or via email at

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Great Headwaters Trails can receive a percentage of all your Amazon purchases! Go to and select “Great Headwaters Trail System Foundation” as your charity of choice.

Donate your used car or boat

Do you have a car, truck, boat, personal watercraft, ATV, snowmobile or motorcycle that you’re ready to part with? Use it to help build the Great Headwaters Trails system.

The Great Headwaters Trails Foundation is an all-volunteer 501(c) (3) organization.
Donations are tax deductible to the extent the law provides.