Help Us Build Trails

Your donation can enhance and extend the Conover-Phelps Trail, or help get a good start on the River Trail.

C-P Trail Care Plan in the Works 2024 Proposed Extension

Vegetation encroachment prevention measures were taken in 2023, and more are planned for this year.

Ideas from UW - Platteville engineering students for extending the trail to Torch Lake Park Campground & RV Park are attracting attention from the Town of Conover and the county. GHT volunteers have visited the Campground. More developments to come, we hope, soon!

Click below to donate online or click here to download a donation form to help improve and extend the trail.

At Muskrat Creek
Make the Northwoods even better – donate to help us build the last 30% of a high-quality, family-friendly bike trail system over a 100 miles long.

Extend the Heart of Vilas Trail System

We're helping the River Trail Commission to develop this key trail connection between St. Germain and the Three Eagle Trail in Eagle River. We've been sharing the details of a professional feasibility study and are working with key stakeholders. Click here for more details.

Our next step is to raise the funds to build the trail's next section. If you can help, click below to donate online or click here to download a donation form to help improve and extend the trail.

Additional Ways to Help

Great Headwaters Trails gladly accepts gifts of stock and multi-year pledges. Contact us at 715-303-4483 or via email at

Do you have a car, truck, boat, personal watercraft, ATV, snowmobile or motorcycle that you’re ready to part with? Use it to help build the Great Headwaters Trails system.

The Great Headwaters Trails Foundation is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) organization.
Donations are tax deductible to the extent the law provides.


"We no longer used our boat and thought why not donate it to a worthy cause. We believe in bike trail development in Vilas County. As a result, we thought what better organization to donate it to than the Great Headwaters Trails Foundation. We felt it was a win-win for everyone." ~ Al and Sue, Presque Isle, WI