Equipping 2 communities for economic recovery – Pt. 1

Despite all the dark news, the current status of completing the Conover-Phelps Trail is bright:

• Expensive special engineering needed due to the 2018 trail reroute has been completed.

• To complement the last 2 miles of the trail, a multi-use trailhead is being planned north of Military Creek and the Lakefront Pines Park in downtown Phelps will be further developed this summer.

• An important review by the US Forest Service is close to completion.

• The generosity and community commitment of individual and family donors, and grants from the DNR, Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company, We Energies, and REI have provided the $455,000 now available to complete the trail.

A $170,000 challenge remains:
The special engineering and the expensive construction needed to create an accessible, ADA-compliant walking and biking trail from Song Hill Lane to the new town park will cost over $625,000. We hope to have the funds to bid out the trail completion project this summer. Help us fill the gap in time! And stand by for “Equipping 2 communities for economic recovery – Part 2”!