Two trails, two rides – 2022 was a very good year!

Rainy events bracketed a very productive and mostly sunny summer.

At the May Ribbon Cutting in Phelps’ Lakefront Pines Park and at the autumn SepTimber Ride in Eagle River, rain soaked everyone. But it didn’t dampen the spirit shown by all who gathered to celebrate the completed Conover-Phelps Trail or who signed up for the Ride to support GHT’s work.

Our newest event, Ride with Leinie, was held on a spectacular summer day in mid-summer and drew over 300 people. They pedaled in the 10 or 20-mile trail rides options or the longer and hillier 40-mile road ride, then gathered in Conover’s new park pavilion to enjoy beer-lore and raffles hosted by Dick Leinenkugel.

Following up on the completion of the trail between Conover and Phelps, our top priority project now is the River Trail. Working under the River Trail Commission, we’ve been sizing up grant opportunities, planning for major funding work, and progressing on the permissions needed for the trail corridor.

Our recently distributed 2022 Annual Report and Appeal provides an overview of this year’s work and a look ahead to 2023. We are working in the hope that it will also be a very good year!
(Click HERE to get page 1 and HERE to get page 2 to download the whole report)